Easement Questions

Dear Sugar Grove Farms Residents,

Recently, there have been some questions that have come up in regard to easements on a homeowner’s property. Attached you will find an example of a plot plan for a homeowner’s lot in Sugar Grove Farms. As you can see from this plan, that you will see the dimensions of the property (i.e. – Property Lines). Within the property line, you should see dotted lines to show where the easements are located.

On everyones plot plan there is a legend. This legend will tell you what each abbreviation stands for (ie- D. & U. E. means Drainage and Utility Easement). So when you see the abbreviation for the type of easement it will also list a number next to it. This represents the number of feet from the property line is listed as a specific type of easement. As you can see from this example, on the back of the property, there is a 10’ drainage easement and along the front and the side there is a 15’ drainage & utility easement.

Per the Covenants Section 1.10 it states, “No structures or materials shall be placed or permitted within the utility or drainage easement areas as designated on the recorded plat of the Subdivision. Plantings within said utility or drainage easement areas are at the Owners’ sole risk of loss if such plantings, as determined solely by the applicable utility authority or the Architectural Control Committee, would damage or interfere with the installation or maintenance of utilities or would change or retard the flow of surface water from its proper course. Each Owner shall maintain such portion of any utility or drainage easement area as it is located upon such Owner’s Residence Lot Area.”

So what this is stating is the Drainage and/or Utility Easement that is located on your property, would be your responsibility to maintain or fix if there are any repairs needed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your property manager, Molly Marsh
, at 317-207-4281 or via email at [email protected]

Sugar Grove Farms HOA

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